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Happy Fall!

A Quick Message from Leslie & James at Simz Productions

We’ve been busy as ever at Simz Productions – so busy, in fact, that this is the first newsletter we’ve sent out in two years. We need to get our social media marketing team on it! (Just kidding.)  There are many new and exciting things going on, so we appreciate you checking out what’s new. Feel free to drop us a line if we haven’t connected in a while!

Featured Client: Mercer Advisors
Mercer Advisors is a financial planning/wealth management company out of Santa Barbara that has been around for 30 years. They just launched a full re-vamp of their website and, like most companies today, were looking to include video content to not only help connect with their (potential) clients, but also to help with search engine optimization.

They came to us with a fast deadline, and we set to work creating some great social media videos about how Mercer Advisors brings added value to your wealth management. They are a great company and we’re happy to have started a long-term relationship with them to continue bringing video content to the public.
Our new baby!
Don’t get the wrong idea – our daughter Emma is still an only child (and will continue to be!), but we are excited to announce a new member of our Simz family, our 2014 GMC Savana Van! 

This ¾ ton grip van is an amazing tool for us, allowing us to essentially bring all of our gear to shoots, and bringing more value to you, our clients. No more worries about rain in the sky! We love the professionalism this offers us and it is truly a convenience and making our lives that much easier.  

For a gear list or Sacramento Grip Van pricing, please email us. 
More cameras, of course!
We stepped up the camera department this year, adding the ever-so-popular Canon EOS 5D Mark III.  

This provides a great second camera angle to accompany our trusty Sony F3.  And, to make the second angle even more interesting, we've paired that with a Cinetek Slider, which gives a nice smooth movement to every interview.   

Check out this quick corporate video from our client Mercer Advisors to see what the new camera (and slider) bring to the table. It adds value at no extra cost, and a new level to our production here at SIMZ.
More cameras, of course! (Wait--- jinx!)
That’s right! We have one more toy: our awesome Phantom 2 Vision, the latest in “drone” technology for filming epic landscapes and bringing even more value to the table. (Click here to see one of our test flights!)

We produce a ton of videos in the wine country and this adds even more dimension to our productions.  Even better? While regulations are still being figured, there is no cost to you, our customer, when we use it!  James has been diligent about practicing safety with our Phantom and has become quite the pilot. We’re excited to be on the cutting edge with this new tool in our arsenal!
Continued Work with Blue Diamond Growers
Since 2011, we’ve been working steadily to produce corporate videos for Blue Diamond Growers, including a film they show annually at their Growers’ (stockholders’) meeting in November. You can visit our website to check out all of the videos, but here is the video we produced in 2013.
For 2014, we had the pleasure of updating the 30-year+ tour film that is shown in the Visitor Center at Blue Diamond Growers. We had a lot of fun with host/comedian Jack Gallagher both in the studio and in the field, and put together a beautiful video tour that is both fun and educational.  We’re not launching this publicly until Blue Diamond showcases it at this year’s Growers’ meeting, but if you want a sneak peak, send us a message!
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