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SIMZ Productions News!November 2012
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sleep train
James getting goofy with talent on a Sleep Train shoot
In Portugal, shooting a video on corks for the wine industry, James gets the shot from a fork lift
Leslie & James at a luau in Hawaii for shoot for Sleep Train
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Featured Client: Sleep Train

You've likely heard the jingle..."Sleep Train - your ticket to a better night's sleep!"  


Well, thanks to Sleep Train, we got a free ticket to a better Hawaii! We started working with Sleep Train in late 2011 and since then have produced a number of corporate projects for them.  The company flew us to Hawaii in March to document their yearly trip where they take their best sales performers for 4 days of luxury in Maui! 


We also produced some more serious, corporate-driven projects. First, they were looking for an upbeat promotional video to motivate their staff and unveil the new

 Purpose/Values/Vision statements that they had been working on. Next, we produced a quick and fun recruitment video that they post on and other job sites.  


An image from our "floating lady" shoot  for Got Sleep

Then, we had the pleasure of producing an intriguing video that would be launched at their new retail concept, Got Sleep, which opened at the Roseville Galleria in May 2012.  Sleep Train's desire to have a "floating lady" combined with utilization of  "rear projection" technology that would showcase video on glass which could be seen from both sides made for a fun and challenging approach to both production and post-production!

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Well, you may not have noticed, but it has been a couple years since our last newsletter! 
Our last news was all about the documentary film we produced in, a lot has changed! 
We're towards the end of 2012, and we've had a great year. Challenging - yes!  But rewarding, too!  We've been keeping very busy with over 100 other projects...hence, no newsletter!    
One of our biggest accomplishments
this year was gathering cast and crew within just a few weeks for a 4-day film shoot of "Shattered," a 20-minute film produced for the Latino Policy Coalition. It is currently being submitted by Director Jaime Gonzalez into film festivals around the world. 
As our business starts on it's 8th year, we are so grateful and happy that we continue to get return clients - always the best compliment! We hope that in 2013 we continue to gain new clients and produce great results for everyone! Please read below for some more news! 

A Diamond Accomplishment


In summer 2011, Blue Diamond Growers contacted us for a bid for a short blue diamond
promotional film for their annual growers' meeting.  
We jumped at the opportunity to work with this well-known Sacramento-based company. After a competitive bidding process, we won the contract and went into high-intensity production mode to meet their mid-October deadline. We had essentially 6 weeks to write, film and edit the 5-minute video. Needless to say, we accomplished our goal and created what we feel was our crown jewel (no pun intended!) for 2011 in this short film. 
Since then, we have worked with Blue Diamond at least monthly on a wide range of projects, from tradeshow videos to fast-track video blogs about the industry that we turn around in less than 24 hours.  
Plus, we recently completed the 2012 annual film, which has a beautiful cinematic look and drives home the message in their annual report to growers. Another project we are very proud of this year! 
Latest and Greatest Gadgets
New camera this year!
We are pleased to have purchased the new Sony PMW-F3 camera in late 2011 and it has had great results for us this year.  It has a true Super 35mm image sensor designed from the ground up for moving pictures, so we get gorgeous images and stunning depth of field. 
James with cast and crew on set
We are able to incorporate cinema lenses and currently have in house a 35mm, 50mm and 85mm, usually meeting the needs of most of our projects. The on-board XDCAM EXTM recording takes advantage of Sony's well-established post workflow and integrates flawlessly on our Avid Media Composer systems. The RGB output and S-LOG Gamma module, which we've had the fortune to use on a few projects, is now standard equipment. With all the facilities of a true camcorder, the F3 is everything we expected and we've been producing some beautiful productions with it!
Film Projects
The calm before the storm in short film "Angst"
It was a big goal of ours this year to work on some film projects. In early 2012, we had the opportunity to gather our awesome crew and provide all the crew for the (very) short film, "Angst." Directed by John Harden, this was the first time James and Leslie worked together on a film set. Just a day of production, the film is a mere 2 minutes long. It was recently selected and shown at the Healdsburg International Film Festival in October 2012 and will likely be screened at other festivals in 2013. 
A Holiday Gift Idea!
(Even if just for yourself!)
Since Summer 2011, we have had the great pleasure of working with a fabulous client, Cellar Angels. Cellar Angels was created by a compassionate group of wine loving friends intent on changing the world. Their mission is simple: connect small and family run wineries to a larger audience, expose wine lovers to incredible purchase opportunities offered exclusively to Cellar Angels members, and provide assistance to a select group of charities. 
Each week, they feature a wine and, lucky for us, a video about the winery and/or winemaker! We've had the opportunity to meet dozens of winemakers throughout Napa and Sonoma Counties and these are the most fun and beautiful shoots.

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