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Maggie reaches for her glasses with the PikStik

Today we had a fun but exhausting shoot (yes, James is currently snoozing on the couch after a long day!) at a Carmichael home for the PikStik (  Deemed the "world's best reacher," the PikStik is guaranteed to be a hit amongst the baby boomers, many who's reaching and bending days are near over.  We filmed b-roll that will appear on the QVC network when company founder Pat is on later this month or in early June. This should be great exposure for the company, although they have already had their product featured with Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert!

We worked with two great talent from our local casting agency, Cast Images -  Lori Grbac and David Baldwin.   Plus an independent talent I met through a different gig, Maggie Upton.  Maggie was a great sport when, as she exited her car, I said, "Are you okay playing an old lady today?" She said she was up for anything, and certainly she was!  Knitting, in a wheelchair, walker and "jazzy," she kept a smile on her face and trooped on through her 4-hour gig.

The shoot went well, but it was a bit challenging because the client wanted to save time and money (don't we all?) and so we were shooting video as well as photography.

Lori picks a hat up from behind a couch

Photographer Rudy Meyers and his assistant were a pleasure to work with, though...extremely laid back and we each ended up using one others' lighting set-up to save time and energy.  Shifting from room to room in the expansive Carmichael home, we reached, grabbed, bent, and reached some more with various PikStik products.

Dave picks a up from his mowing path

As the cloudy skies cleared, we were fortunate to be able to get some footage of actor David Baldwin on a rider mower across the manicured lawns.

We'll be sure to update you on the success of the PikStik and if we get an air date for their QVC debut. And pics from the shoot will be up soon!

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