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Here is recent post about our client, the Network for a Healthy California!


Everyone always comments about how cool our job is.  And, sure, it is.  We get to see lots of cool products, services, and sometimes meet interesting people.  But sometimes, I hate to say it, work is work.

This past week, we had the opportunity to work on a gig that wasn’t just “work.”  We are contracted to produce five promotional videos for the Network for a Healthy California.  These are the folks that bring the billboards and TV commercials promoting Champions for Change.

Lakeysha is a "Champion Mom" who shared strategies for eating healthy with us

 So we headed down to San Diego for four days to see how their region was making a difference through five of the Network’s campaigns and programs.

Champions for Change are people, businesses, community organizations, churches and schools that are promoting an increase in consumption of fruits and vegetables and also physical activity.

The PowerPlay! program targets kids who are 9-11 years old - an age they begin making their own decisions about eating healthy

Like Lakeysha.  She’s a mom in San Diego who, after not one…not two…but five of her relatives were diagnosed with diabetes, she knew she had to make a change. She wanted to introduce more fruitsand vegetables into her diet. So rather than take on the shopping duties herself, she started letting her kids pick out what fruits and vegetables they wanted to eat that week.

And now they’re excited about trying new things.  Plus, they’ve started bike riding.  Bike riding is a fun activity that the whole family can do without declaring it “exercise,” which sometimes turns us all off from getting up off the couch, even though we know we should.

I was also impressed with Northgate Super Market.

The produce section at Northgate Market in San Diego was full of beautiful, fresh fruits and vegetables

They’re a family-owned supermarket in southern California that has implemented the Network’sRetail and Worksite Programs.

For their Retail Program, they bring in Network staff to do food demonstrations with produce available on site, distribute beautiful recipe books and information about easy steps to take to get healthier.

It was a very busy four days – we ran around to classrooms, cafeterias, nutrition classes,

Children on a store tour discuss how they make eating fruits and vegetables more fun

community festivals and church activities – all that were implementing tools that are offered free through the Network for a Healthy California.

There was lots to learn…there’s tons of research about how many servings we’re supposed to get each day, the food pyramid, etc.

Workers eat healthy snacks during a quick staff meeting

But one thing I took away that I’m going to try and stick to (at least most of the time)?  Half my plate should be fruits and vegetables.  Simple as that.

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