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SIMZ Productions partnered with Roni Deutch on the production of this feature length documentary in 2010 titled Death or Taxes: The Sad Truth About Our American Taxation System.  Visit the film's website at

 A man flying a plane into an IRS building and a family eagerly awaiting their tax refund check share a common bond. They are both victims of our destructive tax system. At one end of the spectrum you have the hopelessness and depression that afflicts those taxpayers who struggle with tax debt; at the other end are the deluded, naïve people who wait with joyful exuberance for the government to give them back their own money. At the heart of it all are two truths: our tax system is broken, and it has a body count.

Death or Taxes explores the horrifying realities faced by the millions of taxpayers who owe back taxes. Every day good, honest people are forced to make terrible decisions: pay the rent, or pay the IRS? Put food on the table, or make your tax payment? Facing these awful situations, some people are pushed beyond the point of hope, into the last decision they’ll ever make.

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